Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We were asked to pick a certain area in the university and just step back and observe it.  My group found themselves in the newly established SRC, the student recreation center, where students come mainly to exercise.  This can be accomplished either by using the gym equipment or taking part in another recreational activity like volleyball or Rockwall climbing.  We arrived fairly early it was around ten a.m. so it was not crowded since people usually take early class or don’t get up early at all.  But don’t be mistaken the SRC is usually packed and loud if you don’t hear yelling from people motivating each other you will hear the music they have playing in the background.
            I personally use the SRC every day and I find that it does serve its purpose well.  On the second level there are three large rooms with gym floors that allow for three different games basketball, volley ball, indoor soccer.  All around the floors have CSUN décor and serve well to make the matadors feel right at home.  The huge new building has modern scenery most of the doors are glass and automatic and the bathrooms don’t have sinks just a designed drain.
            The SRC doesn’t have a lot of history yet due to just being built but they do have past championships displayed on the different levels.  But as far as historical information available there is none.  But it does play a part in the community it provides a safe place to spend time in a positive way and it also provides jobs for members of the community.  So overall it serves its purpose and some.

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